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What is Mediumship?

The main aim of mediumship is to provide evidence of survival of the human personality beyond physical death. Mediumship is a transfer of information from the spirit of a deceased person via a 'medium' to a 'recipient'. A medium has the ability to receive information from a communicating spirit and pass on that information. In many respects this will be personal to the recipient of the communication.

What is its purpose?

The main purpose of mediumship is to provide evidence that can be proof of survival to the recipient, not to predict the future, not to give advice and not to counsel. Mediumship is a means of enabling people in the spirit world, to communicate with us, thus enabling us to gain an understanding that the spirit of every person survives physical death. 

Spirit Contact

The spirit of a person retains their personality, character, mind, memories, emotions, etc just as we knew them during their life on earth. People in the spirit world have opportunities to continue to learn and develop similarly to the personal growth experienced during earth life. Mediums cannot call up a particular person in the spirit world; it is they who choose to communicate with us. A medium’s primary purpose is to identify the spirit person who is communicating with them. It is expected that the communicator will provide a combination of personal information about themselves so that the recipient can identify them. 

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