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What happens in an open circle?

We begin with an introductory prayer, followed by a brief, easy guided meditation to help everyone relax and connect with Spirit. More experienced practitioners may decide to spend the meditation time to chat with their guides / instructors or just perform their own meditation, but the majority prefer to follow the guided meditation. If this is done, the meditation should be followed as closely as possible (this helps to instil discipline when working with Spirit).​


There will be experienced mediums observing while the meditation is taking place, to watch over the circle.​ After the meditation is finished the circle leader will speak to everyone in turn - if the person wants to  give a message then they can do this but if people don't want to / don't know how to give a message then the circle leader will ask them about their experience during their meditation in order to help them to understand it.


An Open Circle is open to anyone to sit in (as opposed to development circles which are by invitation only) from people just coming into spiritualism to people working on their development to working platform mediums. 


Our circle is run as a teaching capacity as possible so please be aware that any work done could be used as an example to bring teaching to everyone in the circle.  Depending on how many people are wanting to work in the circle we may need to restrict how long people can work.


At the end of the circle there is a closing prayer after notices are read out. We look forward to welcoming you along.

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